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Fairfield specialist comes to aid of UC Davis student

:: 02/21/11 — Daily Republic

FAIRFIELD – When Samson Ngutwa, 37, met certified prosthetist orthoticist Michael Bright, the Fairfield practitioner could see bone peeking through the raw and irritated skin on the side of Ngutwa’s left knee.

The prosthetic leg that Ngutwa had purchased in his native country of Malawi was rubbing the area raw at the spot on his upper leg, which was amputated at the knee after a bus accident in 1999.

Ngutwa, a UC Davis Humphrey Fellowship Program scholar, is devoted to finding ways to turn the farming in his predominantly agricultural country into a profitable and sustainable enterprise.

However, after arriving in Davis in September 2010, Ngutwa’s left leg became a painful and sometimes debilitating obstacle to his participation in the program.

His focus on agriculture means he gets involved in fieldwork — literally.

The walking taxed him, and at times, Ngutwa said, prevented him from joining his fellow scholars for site visits.

After hearing about Ngutwa’s situation through another patient, Bright decided to outfit him with a new leg that would allow him to become nearly as mobile as he had been before the accident.

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