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Our Services


We pride ourselves on being a full-service shop when it comes to prosthetic and orthotic needs. We know while there are similarities, no two cases are exactly alike. So we give as much care and attention to detail in designing, developing, manufacturing and fitting your equipment as if it were our own.


Prosthetic Services

  • Pre-amputation prosthetic counseling
  • Postoperative prosthetics (IPOP)
  • Trans tibial (below knee)
  • Trans femoral (above knee)
  • Trans humeral (above elbow)
  • Trans radial (below elbow)
  • Myoelectric prosthetic designs for the upper extremity
  • Microprocessor control for the above knee amputee
  • Pediatric designs
  • Shrinker for edema control
  • Definitive and preparatory designs

Orthotic Services

  • Spinal bracing for post operative and chronic conditions
  • Scoliosis bracing full time and nocturnal applications
  • Functional Electrical Stimulus
  • Fracture bracing
  • Halo’s
  • Foot orthotics
  • Ankle Foot Orthotics (AFO’s)
  • Knee Ankle Foot Orthotics (KAFO’s)
  • Knee Bracing (Sports to osteoarthritic designs)
  • Hip orthosis for dislocation of the chronic hip
  • Upper Extremity Orthoses (contracture management to chronic overuse injury)